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Gumtree Experiential Waterloo Station by CreateLondon



The Challenge

Kicking of 2023 Gumtree entrusted CreateLondon with a captivating task: to transform their fresh messaging, "it doesn't cost the earth," into a live experiential masterpiece. The mission was to ignite consumer consciousness, spreading the word that remarkable treasures await on Gumtree, offering budget-friendly alternatives and championing eco-conscious choices by embracing pre-loved items.

Our Triumph

We orchestrated an electrifying brand activation that resonated with unmistakable clarity, a harmonious symphony of values brought to life. Picture this: a colossal Gumtree-themed skip overflowing with a treasure trove of extraordinary products, ripe for the winning. Our masterpiece took center stage at none other than London Waterloo, the bustling epicenter of commuters' journeys, for a captivating two-week spectacle.

The Experience

Imagine commuters' delight as they encountered our innovative creation. A captivating claw machine awaited their dexterity, housing alluring spheres brimming with the skip's awesome offerings. From paddleboards that whispered of thrilling adventures, to vintage fashion invoking nostalgia, and even Pelotons promising fitness journeys, each grasp held the promise of a prized gem. Our brand activation wasn't just an experience; it was an invitation to partake in a sustainable, exciting lifestyle shift.

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