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London Fashion Week


London Fashion Week

Maybelline wanted to give consumers a chance to strut their stuff on the LFW cat-walk 2013. To achieve this we went about creating a video green-screen, filming the real cat-walk and using this as background video for our green-screen experience.


Finally, consumers were given the opportunity to walk down a mock green-screen catwalk which was then edited live to look like the real catwalk!


Aside from a video green-screen we also provided a photographic green-screen capturing guests make-up 'looks'. Their photo was then placed onto a template showing what make-up was used for their individual looks, these were also available to share straight to Facebook for further event amplification.


  • Consumer Interaction: 2681

  • Impressions: 1,200,000

  • Reach: 650,150


  • Live dynamic social wall, which included green screen video and photographs

  • Green screen video / photgraphy

  • Production 

  • Logistics

  • Live uploads to Facebook

Maybelline 5
Maybelline Green Screen Booth
Maybelline Greenscreen
Maybelline 3
Maybelline 6
Maybelinne London Fashion Week
Maybelline 4
Maybelline 2
Maybelline 1
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