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Here at Create LDN, we are ever inspired by the pop-ups designed by Nike. Their structures ooze with creativity, pop with colour and break the mould, each one developed with the same meticulous detail as your favorite pair of Air Max.

For those looking for inspiration for your next brand activation design, we have collated our top 5:

Nike Air Max Day - Air Research Centre

Simply stunning and truly unique, this playful, jaw-dropping activation popped up in Beijing, China. We love a design that moves away from traditional build techniques, in this case focusing on air, with walls being beautiful balls full of the stuff!

The creative mastery did not stop at the exterior either, the inside was also a visual spectacle.

Creative agency Rosie Lee was behind the activation, you can read more about their inspiration here.


Nike Joy Ride Station

Another one in China - why do they get all the good stuff?

The Joy ride station brought magic and wonderment, with exquisite design to the exterior and a simple, yet perfectly executed effect of floating balls on the inside.

You see, the floating balls represented the beads in Nike's new trainers that cushion you whilst you run - very clever.

From an event production perspective, this used basic build methods, with simple lighting and FX. It is the creative, design, and meticulous attention to detail, through carefully considered materials and finishes, that gets it into our top 5.

More information and many more photos can be found here

Design agency: Studio Knowhere


Nike - LED Shoebox for the NBA

This was many moons ago now, but at the time it was a first, a classic red Nike shoebox, wrapped with LED screens, coming together to make a show-stopping pop-up on a New York street corner.

Production Company: Set Creative


Nike - Nike+ Run Club

Coming back to more recent times, showing an evolution of the LED shoebox, Nike produced this awesome pop-up brand experience for their Run club in China.

The hexagonal pop-up hub is installed with treadmills and dynamic media surfaces in pod-like sections that create a kaleidoscopic Tron-like interior. Performance stats are displayed on screens both inside and outside so bystanders can cheer them on.

More information is available here

Design Agency: Coordination Asia


Nike - Air Max Fringe Club

Last but by no means least, we love the aesthetics of this structure, if anything is to persuade you to buy a new pair of 90's, it is this. We just wish they combined our interactive vending technology with it, now that would have been perfection.



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